Naturally Aspirated I/H/E Reflash

Price is $300 with a core trade. $350 without a core trade.

This reflash works best with regular bolt-ons including CAI, headers, exhaust, ported intakes and a free flowing exhaust. This is good up to around 190WHP on most setups. In some cases you may see upwards of 200WHP with high flow headers and lightly ported cylinder heads. Options marked with *** are default options unless a change is requested.

1) RPM Limiter Gives wider power band if supporting mods allow the engine to breath above 6800 RPM. Higher top speed as well. (Custom values are available per request up to 8160RPM maximum)

  • 6800 (OEM)
  • 6900-7200 (Commonly used in N/A tunes. Safe on the OEM rotating assembly,)
  • 7300 (Commonly used in N/A and F/I tunes and safe on the OEM rotating assembly,) ***
  • 7500+ (Uncommon, used with big cams and stiffer valve springs, may cause damage to rotating assembly if rod and main bearing tolerances are out of spec.)
  • 7800+ (Very uncommon, used with supercharger, forged rods, forged pistons, big cams, stiffer valve springs, Ferrea stainless valves and titanium retainers. Should not be used on OEM rotating assembly.)

2) RPM Limiter Hysterisis or how quickly the RPMs bounce when you reach the limiter.

  • 320 RPM (OEM)
  • 160 RPM
  • 64 RPM
  • 0 RPM (Sounds like a machine gun. Required with launch control.) ***

3) Target idle speed when engine is up to operating temperature.

  • 750 no load / 800 with load (OEM)
  • 800 no load / 850 with load (Common on N/A and F/I tunes. Recommended if you have an IACV restrictor plate that causes idle problems) ***
  • 850+ no load / 900+ with load (Higher values may invalidate emissions testing and should be reserved for major problems idling if you have cams bigger than .350″ lift)

4) Ignition, fuel & WOT enrichment map based on fuel octane rating of your choice. Gives boost in power across the whole power band. (AKI is USA Octane. RON is used in EU markets)

  • 87 AKI Octane (OEM ignition map) (This is equivalent to 91RON)
  • 89-91 AKI Octane (Mid grade) (This is equivalent to 92-94RON)
  • 92-94 AKI Octane (Premium) (This is equivalent to 95-98RON) ***

(Rough AKI to RON Conversion Guide)

  • 87 AKI = 91 RON
  • 91 AKI = 93 RON
  • 93 AKI = 98 RON
  • 100 AKI = 104 RON
  • 104 AKI = 108 RON

5) Radiator fan trigger temperature turns on the radiator fans at a lower temperature based on your thermostat of choice.

  • 189F (OEM)
  • 175F (Intended for 170F Thermostat) ***
  • 155F (Intended for 150F thermostats)

6) Radiator fan speed.

  • Variable based on temperature and engine load above trigger temp. (OEM)
  • Steady high fan rate above trigger temp. (Great combo with 171F or 151F trigger temp. Little louder than OEM but not obnoxious) ***

7) Launch control RPM limiter. RPM limiter while wheel speed is zero. Used for drag race launches.

  • 4000 LC Limiter (Recommended for high performance street or race tires)
  • 3500 LC Limiter (Recommended for performance street tires or better)
  • 3000 LC Limiter (Recommended for all season street tires)

8) DTC/CEL suppression

  • Downstream O2 sensor, O2 heater and Catalyst DTC suppression P0038, P0058, P0136, P0137, P0138